Sour Craft Beers

Sours are a great light and refreshing beer that goes well with a lot of summer food. Some sours, like Oude Geuze, have been called Brussels Champagne, due in no small part to their complexity and refreshing nature. Sour beers have been all the rave for the past few years, and increasingly we're seeing some amazing varieties, like sour IPAs, sour black beers, aged sours, and so on. The amazing thing about sours is that this style of beer ages incredibly well, so it's actually a great investment if you have a wine fridge or a cool storage room. Some of the most notably great sour breweries include Cantillon, Rodenbach, Boon, 3 Fonteinen, Dugges, Brekeriet, Mikeller, Omnipollo, and Prairie.

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