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HKW “Old Master Q Series” Glen Elgin 2010 11 Years Old Refill Sherry Butt, Speyside, Scottish Whisky 700ml


White Horse blended whisky has been regaining popularity in recent years. But many drinkers might be unaware one of the main components is Glen Elgin, a small distillery situated in Speyside. White Horse was once a top selling blended whisky in Hong Kong and older drinkers may recall adverts from back in the day!

Located in Moray deep within the heart of Speyside, Glen Elgin was completed in 1898 as the last distillery built during the Scotch whisky boom period. In order to be competitive, the distillery designed everything from the ground up. Speyside would have to wait another 60 years for its next new distillery. Glen Elgin was in financial trouble within months of establishment and had to shutter production. Three years later it was auctioned off. It wasn't until the 1930s that Glen Elgin's fruity style became the pillar of White Horse which made this boutique whisky a staple for years to come.

Glen Elgin’s single malt is not easy to find because of its low production levels and mainstream use in blended whiskies. Our OMQ Series II “Free For Yum Cha?” captures the magic in a specially selected Glen Elgin 2010 that was matured for 11 years in a Spanish sherry cask. Notes of sweet honey and fruit evoke sensations of the very best from Speyside whiskies. We chose a comic showing the three protagonists in Old Master Q building relationships with each other while eating and drinking together, which is the perfect setting to enjoy this splendid bottling!

Distilled: 24.02.2010
Bottled: 18.10.2021
11 Years Old
Refill Sherry Butt

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