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HKW "Artist Series Zoie Lam" Caol Ila 2008 13 Years Hogshead Cask Strength, Islay Scottish Whisky


Strong peaty whiskies has become darlings of the industry in recent years with many drinkers challenging their taste buds with ever increasing ppm. This shift has pushed Islay region whiskies to meteoric heights. Although the region is only the size of four Lantau Islands, it holds 10 distinct distilleries because these peat behemoths are the soul of many blended whiskies. However there is nothing like a smooth peaty Single Malt to bring out complex layers of mind blowing flavours.

Caol Ila est. 1846 is the largest distiller operating on Islay. Owing to the gentleness and light colour of the peat, Caol Ila is a popular base for many blended whiskies in the market. Its owner, Diageo, decided to rebuild the facility in 1972 with the distillery to increasing to three distilling pots to match the insatiable demand from Johnnie Walker blended whiskies.

The HK Art Heroes Series I is our inaugural series to feature the work of a local artist. Each series will showcase a uniquely HK style connecting with overseas cultures that highlights the city's international appeal. Our very first collaboration is with Zoie Lam, a renowned illustrator, fashion designer and stylist. Her creations “ZL by Zlism” broke new grounds in 2010 and her work successfully appeared in exhibitions in London, Berlin, Tokyo and Singapore. Our label features interplanetary inhabitants of Zlism incorporated with iconic local cultural items such as rickshaws and double decker buses, showing the reach of Hong Kong culture has no bounds!

Distilled: 10.10.2008
Bottled: 18.10.2021
13 Years Old
58.4% (Cask Strength)
Bourbon Hogshead

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