Heroes Kupzzy In Time Hazy Double IPA


KUPZZY In Time Hazy DIPA is a beer you should dive into right away. Intense aromas of limes, grapefruits, mangos, and papaya with hints of coconuts. Hazy but smooth and juicy on the palate. Just like a glass of fresh squeezed juice, drink it fresh and drink it in time.

KUPZZY In Time Hazy DIPA係一款飲過就冇退路嘅啤酒。強烈嘅青檸、西柚、芒果、木瓜同微微椰子香氣,混濁但入口順滑而充滿果汁感。就好似一杯鮮榨果汁咁,要飲就要及時。

Style: Double IPA
ABV: 7.8%
Vol: 330ml

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