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Good Beer Project Gift Set


This Good Beer Project Gift Set included 4 cans of Good Beer Project Beers

Good Beer Project Captain Wonder Low Carb Lager x 2

Everyone needs a Captain Wonder in their lives, and everyone can become Captain Wonder – that’s how you pay-it-forward, or in this case, drink-it-forward. Captain Wonder helps the most vulnerable, the most fragile, and the health of our future depends on Captain Wonder.

Captain Wonder is a contemporary low-carb wonder that is light, delicate, and exceedingly refreshing. The health of our future is now in your hands.
Style: Low-Carb Beer that Taste Like Beer
Ingredients: Water, Yeast, Hops, Malts, and Love

Good Beer Project Char Siu Man Lemon Ice Tea IPA x 2

Char Siu Man has a small statue but with a big heart, he was nurtured to help out those in needs. Now, all grown up, he looks to balance two distinct challenges, those with a surplus, and those in need. What better way to negotiate such a delicate problem than to create a perfect marriage, and balance between the two.

Char Siu Man is a Lemon Ice Tea IPA, marrying that delicate seemingly opposing ingredients of an especially blend of tea, and citrus-based hops. The result? Find out with a plate of 黯然銷魂飯.
Style: Lemon Ice Tea IPA
Ingredients: Water, Yeast, Hops, Malts, Tea Blend, and No Char Siu


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