Good Beer Project Char Siu Man Lemon Ice Tea IPA 叉燒俠


Good Beer Project was built on the belief that most people wants to do good, there just needs to be a more spontaneous, entertaining, and pleasurable way of going about it. Each beer sold donates 30% profit to a designated charity, can you guess which charity this beer is dedicated to? 

Char Siu Man has a small statue but a big heart, he was nurtured to help those in needs. Now, all grown up, he looks to balance two distinct challenges, those with surplus, and those in need. What better way to negotiate such a delicate problem than to create a perfect marriage, and balance the two.

Char Siu Man is a Lemon Ice Tea IPA, marrying delicate, but seemingly opposing ingredients of a specially blend of tea, and citrus-based hops. The result? Find out with a plate of 暗然銷魂飯.

Vol: 330ml
ABV: 6%
Style: Tea infused IPA

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