Good Beer Project Captain Wonder Low Carb Lager Keg 20L


Good Beer Project believes that people want to do good, there just needs to be a more spontaneous, entertaining, and pleasurable way available. That's why, each beer sold donates 30% profit to a designated charity, can you guess which charity Captain Wonder is dedicated to?

Everyone needs a Captain Wonder in their lives, and everyone can become Captain Wonder - that's how you pay-it-forward, or in this case, drink-it-forward. Captain Wonder helps the most vulnerable, the most fragile, and the health of our future depends on Captain Wonder.

Captain Wonder is a contemporary low-carb wonder that is light, delicate, and exceedingly refreshing. The health of our future in now in your hands.

Deposit for keg machine: $500 (not included in the list price, refund after the machine is returned)

Vol: 20L Kegs
ABV: 5.2%
Style: Low-Carb Lager

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