Glendalough 7 Years Old Single Malt Irish Whisky


Seasons turn, gripping the land by the scruff. The sharp, icy claw of winter and summer's warm blush. Suns rise and fall, water flow and barley raises an ear. Days become weeks, become years. 7 years in the wilderness shaped St. Kevin to be the man we revere, and inspired him to build his City of 7 Churches at Glendalough. This single malt is Irish Whiskey made the hard way, with a soft palate of citrus, spice and oak notes shaped by 7 years.

Crafted in small batches in a traditional copper pot still, aged in Bourbon casks then carefully cut with wicklow mountain water. Non-chill filtered for truer character.

Product of Ireland
Vol: 700ml
ABV: 46%

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