Garage Project Red Rocks Reserve Amber Ale can


Annual release. A base red ale is brewed and then with a nod to an ancient brewing technique known as 'Stein Bier', the beer is passed through a giant hop back containing rocks, super heated in a hard Manuka wood fire to over 500c. Finally, the beer is given an additional pass through a hop back stuffed full of whole cone Nelson Sauvin. The end result i a nice balance of malt sweetness and bitterness, with some assertive hop aroma and flavour.

Only to be enjoyed once a year, the cranberry biscuits of Red Rocks is a beautiful experience. A medium to full bodied amber ale that has a jam-like quality surrounding complex malts and the big boost from a large late addition of Nelson Sauvin. Get involved.

Style: Stein Beer
ABV: 6.5%
Vol: 335ml

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