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Frederiksdal Vermouth


Frederiksdal Vermouth is a very special one.

Vermouth is the French pronunciation of the German word Wermut, the aromatised fortified wine with wormwood as a key ingredient. It's a common aperitif and digestif mostly drank in Italy and France.

There are basically two types, a dry white one and a more sweeter red one, some can be really bitter as well. It's most famous for making a Martini, Manhattan or Negroni with it.

Luckily for us there are companies like Frederiksdal that raise the bar even higher by producing their version of a Vermouth.

Off course with a base of cherry wine, the Rancio and Sur Lie to be precise and than with added wormwood, orange peel, vanilla, Arabica Coffee beans, cinnamon and star anise, makes this a very complex Vermouth, that you can enjoy on the rocks with a slice of orange, sip after sip or make a more interesting Frederiksdal Negroni or Frederiksdal Bronx with.

ABV: 15.5
Vol: 500ml
Style: Cherry Wine Vermouth

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