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Frederiksdal RØD, Demi-Sec Sparkling Cherry Wine, Denmark


Frederiksdal Cherry Wine – it’s a sparkling wine. The wine is deep red, bubbly, fruity and delightful.
To emphasize the fresh taste of cherries and give the wine more sweetness, we have added our vintage - Frederiksdal 2015. The result is a fresh and delicious sparkling, Demi-Sec.
Frederiksdal RØD is produced on Stevns cherries, a sour cherry from our own orchards. Stevns cherries are rich and highly concentrated in flavour and adds intensity and heaviness to our sparkling wine. To give the sparkling ease and sweetness we have added pears - also from Lolland.
Wine of pears is elegant and easy. Mixing pears and cherries gives you the perfect combination of sweetness from the pears and the intensity of the cherry.
Frederiksdal RØD is made from cherries from our orchard Jørgensmark. It is a young plantation, which means that the cherries from here give a fruity, and not too powerful wine.
The pears are pressed directly to produce as fine and elegant a wine as possible.
Pears and cherries are fermented separately, so we subsequently can find the unique mixing ratio - fruit behaves differently year after year. In this version the wine consists of 60% cherry and 40% pears. After mixing, the wine gets bubbles.
Frederiksdal Rød is perfect for strawberries, raspberries, cherries, cheese cake, dry cheese or a glass on the terrace - slightly chilled!

ABV: 10.5%
Vol: 750ml

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