Fok Hing Gin 福興氈


The name FOK HING GIN might get you a little flustered. But when you open, pour and taste the contents of a bottle, we're sure you'll exhale in a relexed fashion and nod in approval at what is a finely crafted, superior tasting drink. It's inspired by Hong Kong, in case you didn't already know, and is named after a street the locals have long since stopped guffawing at. But visitors from all over the world still sem to ejoy its similarity with a western profanity. Almost as much as people are enjoying the fok-hing fine quality gin that bears it name.

Tasting note:
Fragrant with citrus aromatics on the nose. Sipped - crisp notes of lemons and tangerines first glide through the mouth and develop into a soft floral kick of pink berries. The sweet nuttiness of vanilla and tonka beans then linger in the palate, before leading to a finishing flavor of mellow spices and roots.

ABV: 42%
Vol: 700ml

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