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Dugges Ingefara Ginger Folköl Sour Ale


This is Ingefära!
We don’t usually give our beers Swedish names. This is, however, not a usual beer. This is an homage to a classic, ginger. Packed with it, in abundance, full on, with a sour twist. And, to that some lemon. Just imagine freshness in a bottle with fruits and spices blending together. There you go. Say after us: Ingefära!
Here in Sweden we have something called Folköl. Folköl’s are beers with an ABV of 3.5% or lower. The nice things about these beers as that they can be sold in ordinary grocery stores, and the like (instead of only in the government owned liquor monopoly). If you translate Fölköl to English it would be ’people’s beer’ and that’s just what this is. Having not done Folköl for a while we decided to do a people’s version of our imperial sour Ginger. It still has the same fresh tones of ginger and lemon, but with a lower ABV. Same, but different. Meet Ingefära!

Style: Folköl / Sour Ale
ABV: 3.5%
Vol: 330ml

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