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Daishinshu (Nagano) NAC Junmai Ginjo 大信州 NAC 純米 吟釀酒 Sake 720ml


NAC (長野県原産地呼称管理制度認定酒): This Daishinshu Junmaiginjo is qualified for NAC (Nagano Appelation Control) status, as referred to Quality Wine Produced in a Nagano region.

Grade: Junmaiginjo
Polish: 59%
ABV.: 16.0%
Vol: 720ml
Type: Fragrant type
Koji Rice: Kinmonnishiki
Brewed Rice: Kinmonnishiki
SMV: +10
Acidity: 1.6

等級: 純米吟釀
精米步合: 59%
酒精度: 16.0%
容量: 720ml
類型: 薰酒
麴米: 金紋錦
掛米: 金紋錦
日本酒度: +10
酸度: 1.6

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