Chocolate Tree Coconut Milk 55% 80g


The Chocolate Tree is one of only a handful of companies making chocolate from the bean in the UK and in the short time they’ve been doing it, they’ve produced some of the best chocolate in the world.

With a café and shop in Edinburgh and a small kitchen and factory a few miles away, they produce this chocolate in small batches from fine Madagascan cocoa beans.

This is a very unusual milk chocolate bar as it actually contains no dairy. Rather than using cow’s milk, this is a milk chocolate bar made with coconut milk. What’s more, rather than using traditional cane sugar, Ali has used an organic coconut sugar in this bar. As a consequence, this bar has a very distinctive aroma and flavour profile.

Coconut is undoubtably the dominant flavour here. Furthermore, the bar doesn’t have quite the same creaminess as many other milk chocolate bars. Instead, it has a slight graininess. All in all, a very pleasant dairy free milk chocolate.

Weight: 80g

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