de Molen Heen & Weer Abbey Tripel


De Molen is well known for the big dark ales, and also the lighter pale ales and IPA’s.  But a great brewer can turn their hand to any style.  Heen (‘ee’ is pronounced ‘a’, as in hate) & Weer translates as ‘Back & Forth’, and is De Molen’s take on a Belgian Tripel style.

The Belgian yeast aromas are present, but there is also a big malt sweetness as some peppery spice.

This follows through in the flavour.  An initial sweet malt hit offers brown sugar, ripe fruits and an alcohol warmth.  Then the bitterness works to balance the sweetness, much higher than a normal tripel.  Coriander and a little peppery bite aid the hop bite to produce a lingering bitter, spicy finish.

Style: Abbey Tripel

ABV: 7.7%

Vol: 330ml

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