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Akabu MOUNTAIN Junmai-shu Sake 赤武 MOUNTAIN 純米酒 2021 720ml


The last of the summer sake released by Akabu in 2021. Compared to teh previous release of AIR and SEA, its has a slightly stronger Umami favour yet still sharp and refreshing. it is easy to drink and good pairing with most cuisines.

Rice: Ginginga
Rice polishing ratio: 60%
Vol: 720ml

以「吟ぎんが」酒米釀造的酒款,與 SEA、AIR 兩款清酒同是夏季限定的生命系列!這款 MOUNTAIN 較其他兩款更為濃厚,就和他的名字「山」一樣,無過濾、和高山一樣雄偉,卻也不失柔和溫潤的調性,非常美味!

地域 岩手縣

精米步合 60%
酒米 吟ぎんが
酒精度 14%

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