Agras Abloom Gin (Limited Edition)


Ägräs Abloom Gin is crafted and distilled at Ägräs Distillery in the old ironworks village Fiskars Village in Finland, an hour west from Helsinki.

The nose is prickly and floral thanks to locally sourced honey and hibiscus flowers used in the distillation process. The palette is a balanced combination of juniper berry, wild angelica and hibiscus flowers and the extended finish is crispy with aromas of honey and citrus.

Ägräs Abloom Gin is based on Ägräs Gin, with aromatic juniper berry from Finland, red clover, wild angelica seeds and root and lemon peels. On top of these we added hibiscus flowers and local honey and pot distilled the lot to give that extra crispness to the finish.
The name Ägräs derives from an ancient Finnish god of vegetation.

Batch 1 bottled in 2018:
Hand numbered limited edition batch of 1680 bottles.

ABV: 43.7%
Vol: 500ml

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