Ackerman X-Noir Brut Rose Cuvee de Grande Selection NV, Loire Valley, France*


X-Noir Rose Brut NV, is made of 100% Pinot d’Aunis (or Chenin Noir) - an unique ancient red grape, which almost came to an extinction, is revived and return in this eccentric bottle! Chenin Noir has no relation with Pinot Noir or Chenin Blanc, so we call it "X-NOIR”, with its mysterious black bottle to remind that the grape variety dates back to the dark mists of time.. 
Bright pink label symbolises the renaissance and wild character of Chenin Noir. Silver foil offers an elegant and chic touch. Steady fine bubbles with natural pale pink colour. Distinctively white pepper, raspberry, cherry aromas which are very unique to this rare variety. Lively, well balanced with fruity and white peppery dry finish on the palate.

Style: Sparkling
Grape: Chenin Noir
Vol: 750ml
ABV: 11%

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