8Wired iStout Unchained Imperial Stout


This version of the iconic 8 Wired iStout Imperial Stout has has been barrel aged in wine barrels for 3 years. The barrel aging has added an entirely new level of flavour complexity and aromatics. There's layer upon layer of delicious maltyness and richness that keeps your taste buds demanding more. Incredibly, Unchained has a lighter mouth feel than the traditional iStout and any soureness is also very light. So easy to drink given Unchained 12% ABV. Brewer Soren Eriksen says "We barrel aged our first beer in 2010. Since then we have built up what we believe is one of the largest barrel ageing programmes of any brewery in the Southern Hemisphere. Here we produce many different sour beers, some traditional, some not".

Style: Imperial Stout
ABV: 12%
Vol: 500ml

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